5th Community-Meeting

Day: 04.10.2020
Time: 09:00-13:00
Location: Zoom Conference
Connection details will be sent by email in advance.

The Community Meeting will show the different facets of the work of the RDMO Working Group.

Registration is required for the Community Meeting, as the connection data must be sent in advance. Agenda


  • 09:00 Welcome (Daniela Hausen)

    • 09:10 Report StG : one year manifesto - what happened? (Harry Enke)

    • 09:20 Report Software Group : Software developments (Jochen Klar)

    • 09:35 Report Content Group : Horizon Europe, External Questionnaire Integration, Templates (Johannes Frenzel, tbc.)

    • 09:50 DMPs in the NFDI (Gerald Jagusch)

  • 10:00 Short break

  • 10:10 Discussion: Status and Perspectives

    • 10:30 Organisation Breakout Session
  • 10:35 Breakouts: RDMO Best Practices from RDMO Users

    • BreakOut I: Consultancy work with RDMO (Mod.: Daniela Hausen)

    • BreakOut II: Tool for creating data management plans for funders and projects (Mod.: Birte Lindstädt)

    • BreakOut III: Interface for DOI registration and other API use (Mod.: Harry Enke)

  • 11:45 Summary and questions from the individual breakout sessions

  • 12:15 End

Interested parties can register short contributions to the breakout when registering.