Help / Guide / Documentation for RDMO Users

There are three different roles within RDMO: User, Manager and Admins.
As a user you have the option:

  • Create DMPs and work on them collaboratively
  • customize the output using the views
  • central administration of information for research data management
  • continuous updateability and versioning of information in the course of a project
  • Freeze the status of information for projects at certain points in time using snapshots
  • Overview of different projects

First Aid

The english documentation is available on

You can find views of DMP specifications, e.g. on:

Overview of all questions of the complete RDMO catalog as PDF:

The XML file of the generic questionnaire can be found here:


Please note that the following videos are available in German language only.

Was ist RDMO? (Video-Download)

Wie beantworte ich einen Fragenkatalog? (Video-Download)

Was kann man mit RDMO machen? (Video-Download)