Promotion material and data protection

Promotion material

We provide promotion material which can be freely used, hence under CC0 licence.

Data protection - Process description

We provide a German draft of a process description for our RDMO demo instance

Data protection - Terms of use

Template for your terms of use:

1) RDMO services
RDMO requires user accounts. For this purpose, the following user data is collected and stored by the RDMO service: Name, First name, Email address, Affiliation (Institute / Organisation), Account name ( || Shibboleth ID || LDAP ID) If the RDMO service allows for authentication via ORCID, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Github, this will expose the connection to RDMO to the selected Third Party authentication service. If an institution or collaboration uses Shibboleth or LDAP as authentication method, the user data are provided by Shibboleth or LDAP service and their use is covered by the Terms of Use of these services. RDMO user profile data are used exclusively for RDMO purposes and within the realm of the operating institution or collaboration.
The usage of RDMO user data has to be made plain to the user in a “Terms of Use” declaration when creating an account. The user needs to document her/his consent. RDMO provides technical support for this purpose.

2) Use of RDMO and personal data of users

Within RDMO a user is either assigned to certain projects or is the ‘owner’ of projects. A user is member of RDMO projects and her/his contributions are stored in these projects. In a project context, personal information may be disclosed, e.g. when requesting storage resources, the project name and, if applicable, the person responsible for the project are queried, when project statistics are requested, e.g. by department heads / research managers of the participating institutions when generating information, e.g. for a data management plan or report. For any such queries, appropriate authorization by the RDMO service provider is required. The projects are separate, i.e. a user can only query projects and information if she/he is a project participant. The import and export of project data is only possible on the basis of appropriate access rights. An administrator (superuser) can manage and handle all project data, but also has a special obligation to use her/his powers only in the context of his administrative activities.

3) Projects that collect or use special protected personal data for research purposes

These projects must consider separate measures and procedures in relation to their projects. RDMO offers a basis through the separation of the projects and the different roles and rights of the users. A special ToU for such a project may be necessary.