Help / Guide / Documentation for RDMO Admins

There are three different roles within RDMO: User, Manager and Admins.
As a admin you have the option:

  • Complete customisation of the user interface
    • Corporate design
    • Layout
  • Integration into the local infrastructure
    • Authorisation and authentication
    • APIs

First Aid

Software RDMO is implemented as a web application. It is available as open-source software on Our main use case is the collaborative collecting, editing and maintenance of all necessary information for a sustainable data management. This is done along the notion of projects, which will be defined by the users for their particular context. The main functionality of RDMO includes the following features:


For the further development of RDMO, we use a roadmap process in which the existing issues on GitHub are prioritised by the community. In 2022, a large number of issues were prioritised into critical, high, medium and low in two community meetings. The best way to view the individual lists is on GitHub, under these links:

To transparently communicate the status of the work in progress, we use the “Projects” functionality of GitHub, where the individual issues are displayed on a Kanban board:

New feature requests, bug reports or security issues are best suggested or reported via GitHub Issue:

Of course, we also accept requests via all other communication channels.