RDMO Consortium

The RDMO project is transformed into a community-based consortium.

The DFG funding for RDMO, the Research Data Management Organiser project, will ends in 2020. RDMO is currently used as a tool for the dynamic support of research data management in projects, and for the creation of data management plans at many research institutions in Germany. An overview is given by the geographical distribution map and the list of cooperation partners.

In order to keep the RDMO Open Source Software usable and to develop it further, the consortium RDMO has been founded by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between a number of supporting institutions and individuals. The organizational structure with various committees has been approved by the user meeting. This structure supports the future development and is detailed in the MoU:

Steering Group

The RDMO Consortium is led by a steering group (SG). The representatives of the steering group are elected by the members at the general meeting every three years or as needed. The SG will accompany the direction of the further development and coordinate the processes for the further development of the software and its content. The SG is composed of at least five persons.

Development Group

The technical coordination and further development of RDMO is organised by a development group (EG). In addition to a core of long-term committed developers, who continuously drive the development forward, a low-threshold participation of a larger number of developers is desired and possible. These can, for example, contribute to development on a project-specific basis.

Content group

The content group (CG) consists of volunteers who drive the content coordination and further development of RDMO. A low-threshold participation of a larger number of volunteers is desired and possible. They can, for example, contribute to the development of the project. The focus of their work is the maintenance and controlled merging of existing and newly generated content such as attributes or questions for catalog templates. A moderation and support of the individual processes as well as domain adaptations will take place. The CG collects user feedback and checks the general usability against the background of user feedback.

General meeting

The general meeting of the RDMO collaboration comprises the entirety of all members. Users and other interested parties can participate in the general meeting. The members elect the representatives in the SG. The general meeting meets at least once a year as required.

Ad-hoc Groups

For special tasks and questions, further working groups can be formed from among the members at any time. They are coordinated by the SG. The general meeting decides on the continuation of the ad-hoc groups.

We would like to invite all institutions that are interested in the preservation and further development of RDMO to sign the MoU and send it to the following e-mail address: rdmo-steuerungsgruppe@listserv.dfn.de.

Steering Group of RDMO Consortium

Harry Enke (Speaker) Johannes Frenzel Daniela Hausen Gerald Jagusch (Speaker) Birte Lindstädt Robert Strötgen