Research Data Management Organiser (RDMO) supports the systematic planning, organisation and implementation of research data management throughout the course of a project. An additional feature is the output of a data management plan in the form of a text documents, according to funder requirements.

Data management plans are one of the crucial components of research data management, but their potential is rarely exhausted. Often they are only a part of the project proposal, never again updated. RDMO is a companion during the whole research process offering multiple functionalities to track the data. Among the core functionalities of RDMO are:

  • central instance for all informations pertaining to the reserach data managment of a project
  • adaptable templates for questionnaire and reporting
  • easy customisation of look and feel, versioning of information
  • built in multilingual support
  • templates for various purposes, e.g. funder required DMP

In the first project phase these features were implemented to use RDMO for data management. RDMO is now in its second project phase. The project now targets:

  • extending the data model towards task definition and handling
  • role based views for stakeholders across multiple projects
  • support of repositories and identifier systems to link with data storage systems or long term archives
  • support for suggestion of suitable data repositores, and possibly cost estimations based on their terms
  • extension of interfaces to authentication and authorisation systems
  • participation in the effort of creating an international exchange format for DMP
  • improvement of technical installation, maintenance and update procedures
  • sustainibility and community building
  • dissemination and training

The RDMO collaborates with multiple institutions, discipline specific and other scientific organisations, and also international initiatives to ensure the usefulness and sustainability of the software and its applications. For questions and contact, pleasae send a mail to [].

The RDMO project is funded by DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft).

The description of the first project phase is available here.