Extension of RDMO software

The RDMO today has all the basic features for organising the data management. Planned extensions and changes will simplify the application by more flexible information gathering routines and the definition of tasks by users.

Integration into existing infrastructure

Improving the standardised installation and maintenance procedures. Support for widely used authentication and authorisation mechanisms (LDAP, Sibboleth, OAuth, ORCID) for already deployed systems in academia, e.g. bwIDM (identity management of Baden-Württemberg). With the BMBF-Initiatve many Universities habe created counselling for research data management, and RDMO is a useful tool for their work. And we strive to get RDMO established as a tool in institutional workflows for project applications.

Sustainability and community building

RDMO has been created as a tool for research data management. One of the main tasks of the project is to collaborate with all parties enganged in the realm of research data managent, participating in all efforts to further its development. This includes collaboration within and beyond RDA, e.g. with DCC and CDL.

Dissemination and Training

Preparation and publication of suitable material and concepts for tutorials and workshops for various use cases, e.g. data management plan creation for a scientist, views for the IT department on storage requirements, or extraction of costs for a group head.