Research Data Management Organiser


Research Data Management Organiser (RDMO) develops a tool to support the systematic planning, organisation and implementation of research data management throughout the course of a project. An additional feature will be the output of a data management plan in the form of a text document.

The aim of data management planning is to ensure that research data produced in a project are (re-)usable and accessible - during the project as well as afterwards. It comprises a number of strategies and methods associated with various aspects of the research and research data lifecycle as well as some related topics. A data management plan (DMP) is a means to outline and document these items. Recently, several institutions have developed online tools to support researchers in writing such a data management plan. Pioneers were the UK-based Digital Curation Centre (DCC) in UK with DMPonline, the California Digital Library (CDL) with DMPTool, and in Germany the Universität Bielefeld.

DMPs have a great potential - they can be used to optimise the data management from the beginning and to serve as a roadmap that gives guidance for the various data management tasks during the lifetime of a project. DMPs support an appropriate and effective data management which ensures that the produced research data are re-usable within and outside the project and can be transferred to long-term preservation without unnecessary obstacles. It also enhances the effectiveness and quality of the research itself and therefore can generate a considerable benefit for researchers.

However, the tools mentioned above focus on the requirements of funding agencies and the creation of DMPs as part of a research proposal. While they are useful in that respect, they do not sufficiently support the other functionalities mentioned above.

The RDMO project aims to fill this gap. Based on preliminary work, in particular from the WissGrid project (see WissGrid-Leitfaden zum Forschungsdatenmanagement), it develops an online tool that takes an integrated approach and will support the systematic planning, organisation and implementation of research data management throughout the whole project and the research data lifecycle, including the output of a DMP document.

The target group comprises all parties involved in research data management, i.e. researchers, PIs, institutional data managers, IT departments etc. Adaptations to discipline-specific or institutional needs are supported. The installation of the tool into local environments and its integration into existing administrative IT infrastructure and workflows is given special consideration. The tool will be multilingual (at first German and English).

For more information about the project please visit the description of our workpackages, outreach and cooperations. For questions and other matter, please contact us by mail DMPW@LISTSERV.DFN.DE.