Research Data Management Organiser

RDMO project continues

The Research Data Management Organiser (RDMO) enables institutions as well as researchers to plan and carry out their management of research data. RDMO can assemble all relevant planning information and data management tasks across the whole life cycle of the research data.

RDMO is ready for application in smaller or bigger projects. In the next projectphase, starting November 2017, the RDMO tool will be extended and the project partners AIP, FHP, and KIT Library will collaborate with the RDMO users to improve the its usage. The tool will be extended by enhancing its implementation of roles and interfaces to institutional infrastructure, e.g. repositories, ticketing systems, and AAI. Tutorials, documentation and other material are planned for dissemination, and workshops for users and developers.

On these pages, we provide information about the project, our workpackages, our outreach activities and cooperations.

More information about the project and our software can be found on the following websites:

GitHub organisation und source code
Demo instance
Public mailing list

For questions and other matter, please contact us by mail rdmo-team@listserv.dfn.de.